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Inn By The River, a premier Maine Snowmobile Destination located in The Forks, Maine which just so happens to be positioned right in the middle of the most popular snowmobile destination rides in Maine. It is an easy ride to Rangley, Eustis, Jackman, Rockwood, Greennville and the entire Moosehead Lake region right from our doorstep.

Although the most popular Maine snowmobile destinations from Inn By The River are day trips, many of our guests like our location because it offers a great starting point for multi-day adventures! Pack the saddle bags and and take a ride over to Millinocket, Caribou, or even up to Canada!

Inn By The River offers full service park and ride amenities:

Full Service

91 Octane Gasoline

Direct Trail Access

to ITS 86 & 87


Restaurant & Pub

Inn &

Cabin Lodging

Coburn Mountain

Overview: The summit of Coburn Mountain sits at 3750′ and is a must see in The Forks Area! This is the highest groomed snowmobile trail in the state of Maine and offers breath taking views of the surrounding ares!

Location: 20 Miles North of Inn By The River off ITS 89

Hint: The last section of the trail to the summit is steep and narrow which can make passing traffic difficult. Before climbing or descending this section; stop and listen for oncoming sleds. If you hear anything stop and wait as passing or turning around can be tricky in spots. As always be careful and courteous of other riders and enjoy the view!

Grand Falls

Overview: Also known as the Little Niagara of Maine; Grand Falls is one of the most popular snowmobile destinations in Maine! As ice and snow build throughout the winter, this beautiful waterfall on The Dead River offers a different experience at every visit!

Location: 28 Miles West of Inn By The River off ITS 86/89 between The Forks and Rangley Lakes Region

Hint: Follow the footpath down stream approximately 50 feet to the horseshoe view point!

Moxie Mountain Overlook

Overview: Located in The Forks Area, this popular snowmobile destination offers “ride to the top access” and offers great views of the southern and western area!

Location: 20 Miles South of Inn By The River off ITS 87

Hint: Visit Moxie Mountain Outlook on a bright sunny day and you can just make out the skiers and snowboarders on Sugarloaf Mountain.

Moxie Falls

Overview: At just over 90′ tall, Moxie Falls is Maine’s tallest waterfall and is easily accessible via snowmobile! This popular snowmobile destination offers breathtaking views of the Moxie Stream, Moxie Falls and the Northern Maine woods!

Location: 3 miles East of Inn By The River off ITS 86/87. Follow “Moxie Falls/ C. Moxie Gore Outfitters” trail off of 86/87 for aprox. 1mi, cross the street to continue on the trail and park at the brown “Moxie Falls” sign. Moxie Falls is a short walk from there.

Hint: Keep going until you see “The big water fall!”, some visitors get faked out by the view of Moxie Stream.

B-52 Memorial Site

Overview: Known as one of the most unique snowmobile rides in Maine, the B-52 Memorial Site is a must see snowmobile destination! During WWII a United States Air Force Boeing B-52 lost it’s vertical stabilizer and crash landed on Elephant Mountain just outside of Greenville, Maine. As the site was cleaned up, many of the larger pieces of the plane were left in place and the Northern Maine woods has just grown around them. Large pieces of shrapnel stuck into the sides of trees, 6′ diameter landing gear and the cockpit are just some of the sites you will see!

Location: 45 Miles east of Inn By The River off ITS 110 in Greenville, Maine.

Hint: The access trail is a single lane, one way loop. Follow the yellow diamond trail signs on ITS 110 and you can’t miss it.



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