Tubing in Maine

Why Tubing in Maine should be on your Summer Bucket List

Looking for a fun and relaxing summer activity? Have you tried tubing?
Here are three reasons why Tubing in Maine should be on your summer bucket list:

1. Friends! You can invite ALL your friends! Tubing is the perfect group activity because there is really no limit on how many tubes can fit on the river. Nobody gets left behind! Plus use the carabiner to attach everyone together to throw the best floating party! (Pro tip: bring an extra tube for the cooler to kick up your floating party with some snacks and drinks)

2. Tubing in Maine is the ideal mix of fun and relaxation. It’s exciting to get out in the water and splash fights are always a good time, but after a few minutes of reclining under the warmth of the summer sun, it is not rare to find yourself dozing off peacefully surrounded by Maine nature.

3. Wildlife! The banks of the Kennebec River make for the perfect environment to spot bald eagles! With a clear view of the sky and trees around you, there’s a pretty good chance you will share your lazy river trip with an eagle or two. Also keep your eyes peeled for moose on the edge of the river! A waterproof camera is never a bad idea!



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