Coburn Summit Riders

Snowmobile Club

About the Coburn Summit Riders

The Coburn Summit Riders Snowmobile Club is located in the heart of the most scenic snowmobiling in Maine and is a non-profit snowmobile club whose primary purpose is the development and grooming of trails in The Forks and Coburn Mtn. area.

Our mission is to keep members active and involved, maintain a respectable club, and provide smooth trails for ALL to enjoy. We are looking forward to providing riders with a smooth trip through the magnificent mountains that surround us.

What we do

The Coburn Summit Riders Snowmobile Club is a very active organization who’s goal is to give every rider the most memorable riding experience they will get anywhere. Our team and volunteers work year-round to be able to provide flat and wide trials that riders of all abilities can enjoy!

In the summer and fall we are out in the woods trimming branches, clearing trails and repairing bridges. In the winter we are active raising funds to do one thing; groom, groom, groom! When the snow is flying, our fleet of groomers are hitting the trails 3-4 times per week getting them nice and flat for all to enjoy! With a fleet of 5 groomers we are able to cover roughly 100 sq miles of trail every night!

What you can do:

The Coburn Summit Riders Snowmobile Club is always looking for qualified volunteers to help with the many tasks associated with trail maintenance.

Valuable skills that make a difference include but are not limited to:


  • Carpentry
  • Heavy Machinery Operator
  • Metal Welding
  • Event Organization

Become a member!

The majority of our funding for the clubs responsibilities comes from club memberships. Support our trails by joining or donating to the Coburn Summit Riders Maine snowmobile club. We like flat trails, don’t you?

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