For those of you that have spent any time on the back porch of the Inn recently you may have noticed a curious drop in the number of hummingbirds using our feeders. Maybe the hummingbirds at your house have also left without so much as a, “good-bye, thanks for the sugar water.” While they have since returned, the question remains: where did the hummingbirds go? We managed to track down a regular guest and ask her a few questions about the mysterious ways of her species.

Q. What is your name?

A. Robin.

Q. Why Robin?

A. My parents thought it would be ironic, being a different species and all.

Q. What do you like most about the Inn?

A. It has got to be the feeders. Jaime and the team make a terrific mixed drink and it keeps us coming back year after year. After that, you just can’t beat the view from the back porch. What’s better than sipping some sugar water while looking at the sunset over the Kennebec?

Q. If you love it so much, why did you leave?

A. Duty calls. I have two newborns this year and they are getting hungry. Unfortunately, sugar water doesn’t quite do it for them. They need extra protein to help them to grow and go through flight school. I’ve been out gathering beetles, flies, mosquitoes and other delicious snacks for them for the last three weeks or so.

Q. If you’re out getting food what does your babies’ father do?

A. Well, my husband can be aggressive about securing the nicest section of the porch for our family, so he’s often out there showing off or fighting away other men. That might be why you haven’t seen too many males out there too.

Q. So when people thought that you had left for the summer they were wrong?

A. Yeah mostly. Every one of us books a slightly different flight south for the summer but in general we tend to leave by the end of August or start of September. We aren’t into the snowmobiling scene quite as much as the rafting scene. Often all the guys will leave together and then us mothers and our children will follow them down. Don’t worry though, even if you think we’re gone sometimes our friends from up north will stop by for a few days on their way south. We’ve told them about this place and they know that they will be treated well here.

We would like to thank Robin for taking the time to sit down, and hover around, with us. We hope that everybody reading this now has a little bit more clarity on hummingbird habits and we look forward to enjoying their company for the remainder of the summer!


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