By The River.

Yes, as impossible as it sounds, this blog was written by The River.

Yes, that means that this blog is a history of the Inn by the River, by The River.

In fact, if you read this blog at the Inn by the River then you will be reading The History of the Inn by the River, by The River, at The Inn by the River, by the river.

Enough of that, it’s time for a history lesson.

Before the Inn even existed, Mrs. Berry (from the Forks’ one-and-only Berry’s General Store) lived in an old farm house on the property. Nobody knows when she first moved there but modern carbon dating techniques estimate her settlement date to be sometime between 1995 AD and the Mesozoic Era 252 million years ago.

In 1996 AD, Bill and Cori Cost, retired school teachers from Topsham, Maine, bought the land the Inn now sits on. Their goal was to settle down while running a small bed and breakfast on the side. This was before Airbnb, so you know that it was old school. So old school in fact that Bill and Cori served guests by appointment only.


The lure of the area and all the costs that came with running such a successful business eventually caught up with them and so Bill and Cori kept on expanding. They opened a bar and restaurant which served patrons five days a week. They also started running snowmobiling and rafting trips out of the Inn.

Fast forward a few seasons and it was now the fall of 2007. It’s fair to say that Bill and Cori were not having a very relaxed retirement. They decided to sell the Inn to Joe and Kim Christopher, the current owners.

After a classic “money-for-an-Inn” trade was done (this is also known as buying property), Joe and Kim continued to grow the business. They opened the restaurant 7 days a week, serving 3 meals a day, year-round.
By 2010 the Inn was still growing. It had a new garden which helped to supply the busy kitchen with fresh vegetables. Three years later and the team welcomed their beloved puppy Sweetie to the family. A year after that and the Inn added the 5 cabins at Kennebec Riverside Cabins across the road to their lodging options.
In 2015 the Inn started offering stand-up paddle board, tube and inflatable kayak rentals.

That brings us to today. In the summer the Inn welcomes vacationers, fisherman and whitewater enthusiasts to the area. In the fall we see foliage fans who come to watch leaves die in spectacular fashion. Foliage fans make way for hunters who precede cross country skiers, snowmobilers and herds of deer in the winter.

In the future… well who knows? Time doesn’t work the same on the river. However, as a river, you do hear a lot and there have been rumors of a distillery, a new workshop barn and expanded lodging options. Those stories, however, are for another time.

And there you have it folks, the history of The Inn by the River, written by me, The River.

Yours Truly,

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