Best things to do in the Fall


Whitewater Rafting isn’t just a summer activity!

In fact, we think rafting in the fall is one of the best times to go!

There are many reasons to go rafting in the fall:

1. Reason number one, hands down, has to be that it is just BEAUTIFUL! What better way to see the beautiful fall foliage than to completely immerse yourself in it. From the raft you will float by a brilliance of color with bright oranges and reds, too rich yellows.

2. “Okay, I love leaf-peeping, but won’t I get cold?” We would be lying to say the possibility of getting chilly doesn’t exist, but we have ways to stay warm! First and foremost, we have wet suits, which really help hold your body heat to keep you warm! Second, the water is actually not that cold! Since water takes longer to cool than air (Science!) and these are scheduled releases; which means that before the water is released down the Kennebec it has been sitting and getting warmed by the sun in Indian Pond. This really does make a big difference!

3. Because the kids are back in school there are fewer people taking to the river which means we guide smaller trips. This means that check-in, safety speeches and put-in will move smoothly and you can get to the fun part quicker. This is also a huge bonus because it means that we often have time to stop at exclusive places along the river, like Dead Stream Falls and Black Brook Falls where you can get out of the raft and cliff-jump into a waterfall-fed pool. Very cool, right? These spots can only be accessed from the river as they are miles from any road. Exclusivity is cool!

4. Do it for the gram? Wetsuits are so in right now. Plus everyone else has pics holding hands in an apple orchard or pumpkin patch, but what about you and bae conquering the mighty Kennebec or Penobscot River? Plenty of photo ops available here.

5. Our sense of adventure doesn’t die out after Labor Day and we hope yours doesn’t either! Stop paying people to dress up as zombies and scare you in a haunted house. Feed your adrenaline deficiency with some whitewater rafting. Keep those stoke levels up!