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Dead River Rafting Trips

The Dead River Rafting Trip – A Maine Whitewater Adventure

The Dead River is a 16 Mile Class IV Whitewater Adventure like no other! This is the longest and most continuous section of whitewater in the Northeast  and offers an all-day, adrenaline packed experience for whitewater enthusiasts everywhere!

Dead River Rafting

Come and see what the Dead River has in store for you!

The Dead River is a Flood Stage river that is dam controlled and is considered “The next level up” from The Kennebec. This Class IV river only runs on a limited and  predetermined set of dates throughout the season which correspond with seasonal spring melts and fall lake level management techniques. These anticipated releases provide us with lots of water which create fun and exciting rapids from the put-in to the take-out! Wither it be tall waves, steep holes or sticky surfs that you seek, the Dead River will satisfy all of your paddling needs and leave you coming back for more!

The Dead River is different from the other rivers that we run trips on in the fact that it starts off slower and gets progressively bigger as the day continues. This gives everyone a chance to warm up a little bit before conquering the challenging rapids such as Hayden’s Landing (IV), The Gravel Pit (III) and Mile Long Rapid (IV) that The Dead River entails!

Just like all of our other river trips, Dead River Trips include: shuttles both to and from the river, snack and refreshments on the river, a full homemade BBQ Lunch which is complete with your choice of steak, chicken, fish, hamburger or vegetarian with all of the fixings and a slide & video presentation of your trip that day! The Dead River is truly a beautiful and exciting place that will leave all worries of “the real world” behind!

Dead River Minimum Age: 12 yrs

Arrival Time: 8:30am

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Available Dead River Trips

Dead River High Water 1 Day Trips

Run The Dead River at its’ best and overcome 16 miles of Class IV Whitewater Rafting in one day! These releases are celebrated on and off of the water so book early as space fills up quickly!

Dead River Rafting

A 16 mile trip of Class IV Whitewater – The Most Continuous Whitewater in The Northeast!

2016 Dead River Schedule

  • Saturday, May 7th  – 7000 cfs – (First Blast w/Pig Roast!!)
    $99.00 pp
  • Saturday, May 14th – 7000 cfs
    $99.00 pp
  • Sunday, May 29th – 5500 cfs
    $99.00 pp
  • Saturday, June 4th – 5000 cfs
    $99.00 pp
  • Saturday, June 11th – 3500 cfs
    $99.00 pp
  • Sunday, September 4th – 5500 cfs (Labor Day Wknd)
    $109.00 pp
  • Saturday, September 17th – 3500 cfs
    $99.00 pp
  • Saturday, October 1st  – full open up to 6000 cfs
    $99.00 pp  (Last Blast w/Pig Roast!!)
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Dead River 2 Day Trip

Dead River Rafting

Conquer 2 rivers in 2 days and have the Ultimate Whitewater Weekend!

Run 2 rivers in 2 days and experience all of the whitewater that The Forks has to offer by pairing up your Dead River Trip with a run down The Mighty Kennebec! These are 2 individually amazing river trips, but when combined together they make for the Ultimate Whitewater Weekend!

Availability is limited to the Dead River Schedule above!

  • $159.00 pp
    ($179.00 Labor Day Weekend)
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Dead River Inflatable Whitewater Kayaking / Family Rafting Trip

Throughout the summer The Dead River runs at lower water flows called recreational releases. Through the use of smaller boats and inflatable kayaks these releases offer a technical run with endless play spots-combining a day of intermediate rafting with aggressive inflatable kayak paddling.

Dead River Rafting

Test your kayaking skills with this unique and scenic trip!

This 16 mile trip is full of action and is considered our most difficult inflatable kayak trip available. By being  in control of your own craft, you will be able to choose if you want to “go right for it” or if maybe you’ll just “go around this one”!

We will often bring inflatable kayaks along on a family rafting trip to accommodate both young children and the older more adventurous family members on the same trip.

Dead River Inflatable Kayak Trip Minimum Age: 16 yrs

Dead River Family Rafting Trip Minimum Age: 6 yrs

  • $89 pp

2016 Dead River Recreational Release Schedule

  • Family Raft or Aggressive Inflatable Kayak – Min. Age 6 & 16Sunday           June 12           2400  cfsSaturday        June 25           1800 cfsSaturday        July 2              1800 cfsSaturday        July 23            2400 cfs

    Sunday           July 24            1800 cfs

    Saturday        August 13       2400 cfs

    Saturday        August 14       1800 cfs

  • Inflatable Kayak Only – Min. Age 16Monday          May 30           1300Sunday           June 26           1300Sunday            July 3               1300
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**Give us a call at 1 (866) 663-2181 with any questions or to schedule your next Rafting Adventure Today!**

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